My Favorite Photos of Akiva from March 2010

My Favorite Photos of Akiva from March 2010.

That is not my favorite photo of myself, but Akiva

looks the best in that one. Enjoy.


Jamie and Akiva -- March 2010

Akiva and Froggie in a stare down contest.

Akiva playing with a Ball of Yellow Yarn while wearing his Yellow Sweater

Akiva and his Puppy in his stroller.

Akiva in his Stroller

Akiva laying on the edge of the table.

Akiva and his Puppy in the Chair (this photo is actually from the very end of febuary, but it was so cute that I had to add it in with my favorite photos of the month)

Akiva Looks UP!

Akiva with his new Birthday toys on his 7th Birthday 3-25-2010

Akiva with the Turttle

Akiva with the Turttle

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