Is Pseudorabies a problem if I feed my dog raw pork?

Pseudorabies and Feeding Raw Pork

Dogs can contract a fatal condition known as Pseudorabies. It is not related to Rabies. It is most often transmitted by swine.

Recently I have heard concerns expressed that dogs could contract Pseudorabies from eating raw pork. This is generally not a concern in the US. There is no threat to dogs that are eating raw pork in the US that was from commercial sources. If you feed wild swine, then there is a potential concern that Pseudorabies infection is possible.

A short summary on Pseudorabies:

“Pseudorabies is a viral disease in swine that is endemic in most parts of the world. It is caused by porcine herpesvirus 1, which is also called pseudorabies virus (PRV) or suid herpesvirus-1 (SHV-1) and is also known as Aujeszky’s disease, and in cattle as mad itch. PRV is considered to be the most economically important viral disease of swine in areas where hog cholera has been eradicated.[1] Other domestic and wild mammals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, and raccoons, are also susceptible. The disease is usually fatal in these hosts.”

Some sites, such as this one, ( Bones and Raw Food Diet ) have cautioned against feeding fresh pork.

“Recently in my monthly newsletter I stated that Pork should never be fed raw to dogs. The United States is NOT free from a swine disease known as Aujeszky’s Disease or pseudorabies. This disease is incurable in and fatal to dogs. If you feed pork, be sure it is well cooked.” – Kathleen Berard

Accourding to the USDA:

“A cooperative State, Federal, and industry program managed by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has eradicated pseudorabies from commercial-production swine herds in the United States.”

In summary; Pseudorabies is still a concern if you are feeding raw wild pork. However, it is not a concern with any pork you purchase at the store.

I’ve attached documentation from the USDA that speaks about Pseudorabies. You can download the full PDF here: feral pigs.pdf or view it below.

Please visit the forum at this link to view the graphics:

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