2011 — Will we have another early spring?

Last year on 3/17 – That is just 10 days from now that we hit March 17, I was out in the yard taking photos. All the snow was gone and stuff was growing!


We still have a substancial amount of snow on the ground here. Seems like it is virtually impossiable that we will see the same type of early growth this year as we did last year. Last year was very warm, we planted by mid-may and did not have and frost again until fall. It was quite warm until late in the fall as well. It didn’t reach down below 20 until Thanksgiving. It was late Thanksgiving night that I carried the Bonsai and other zone 5 plants into the plant room in the garage.

I watered all the plants in the plant room well a couple weeks ago when it warmed up, it had stayed below freezing for more than 2 months prior to that. I’ll have to check it again pretty quick and see if it needs water again.

I’m sure I’ll have photos of spring again this year, but at this point, I am guessing that it isn’t going to be here in just 10 short days from now.

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