“Talk to Me” E-Book Special for PawDogs Members Only – by Kayce Cover

“Easy and Fun to Read Dog Training E-Book — Special Price for Paw Dogs Fans!”

Kayce Cover

Kayce Cover (Creator of Synalia SATS Animal training) — Photo Credit: Judith Lissenberg Hondenleven Magazine

Talk to Me Book by Kayce Cover

Talk to Me Book by Kayce Cover

Regular price $20.95. This is the full version of Kayce Cover’s book “Talk To Me” written in 2010. It is a great introduction to her work, as well as being a fun and easy read. We have negotiated a special discounted rate for Paw Dogs community members of $10.95. This is only for the electronic version, nothing will come in the physical mail, this is for the ebook. Shortly after you order a PDF file (which virtually any computer and most mobile phones can read) will be sent to your email address, this is normally within a matter of hours, but will be within 2 days at the absolute most. If you don’t see your book within this time, please check your SPAM filter.

If you run into any trouble getting your book or have any concerns, please feel free to e-mail me directly: jamie@pawdogs.com Thank You Very much for taking advantage of this special offer.

Please enter the email address that we should send your copy of Talk to Me to in the box below, please make sure it is correct, we can not deliver your book if your address is wrong. Thank You. Once you have entered your address, click the “Buy Now” button and proceed with your purchase through the secure PayPal system. The total cost is $10.95


Sale Over.  Visit synalia.com to purchase books.


Thank You again for your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, email jamie@pawdogs.com Thank You!

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