For PawDogs Training List Members — Paw Dogs / SATS Webinar with Kayce Cover 9-22-2011

Video Recording of the PawDogs Webinar with Kayce Cover 9-22-2011.

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[ss3_player bucket=”akiva_movies” video=”webinar-9-22-11.m4v” player=”vjs” height=”420″ width=”580″ expiry=”600″ autostart=”false” controlbar=”bottom” bufferlength=”10″ image=””]

Not a member of the Paw Dogs training list? Click to get started.


“Talk To Me” E-Book:

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Order Talk to me! at the Special Paw Dogs price of $10.95 -- Limited offer only valid for Paw Dogs Fan & Members!

Yes; I want a copy of TALK to me! by Kayce Cover at the special low Paw Dogs members price of $10.95 – click here to go directly to the information page where I can order at the special price.
Please keep in mind we are currently working on updating the online ordering system, so at the moment, it is not an instant download, but we will send you the book once you receipt come through from PayPal.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns or you don’t get your book in a timely fashion, please feel free to contact me directly: jamie @

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