Dog of the Day .. Tom and Baby – Please Like!

We have Tom and Baby as our Dog(s) of the Day today. These two adorable little Shih Tzu are from Taylorville, IL. Pam has included a great little write up about her dogs Tom and Baby. Don’t forget to “Like” Tom and Baby!

“We have 2 Shih Tzu’s….the oldest is Tom…he was one year old July 12, 2010 and our little girl is “Baby Girl Pippa” born April 11, 2011 she is 5 months old.

Tom was named after a very good friend of mine’s husband. She and her daughter wanted a dog and her husband said NO, but when they brought Tucker home…Tom fell in love with Tucker. My friends husband has since passed. The reason I named our male Tom was because my husband didn’t want a puppy…when I brought him home, he fell in love with Tom and is his buddy.

When we were thinking about getting Tom a playmate we would always refer to her as “Baby”….saying “Tom would you like a baby to play with”…..I liked the name Pippa….so we settled on “Baby Girl Pippa”. We call her “Baby” most of the Tom.

Tom and Baby are soo much fun…they are like our children. We laugh and cuddle with them. They eat, play and sleep with us….and pretty much never leave out sight.

We just couldn’t imagine life with out our “Tommy and Baby” 🙂

The first photo is of Tom and Baby together …the rest of the photos are of Tom.

Tom and Baby would love to be “Pet of the Week” !

Pam Mitchell
Taylorville, IL”





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