Dog of the Day — Princess — 11-2-2011

This sweet girl is Princess, a 6 year old Shih Tzu and Pug Mix.

“She is a loveable dog. We really do not look at her as a dog she is a member of the family.  She knows the sign for more in sign language. You have treats and you tell her to whisper she barely barks and then tell her to yell and it is so loud of a bark you would think that it is a big dog. Also she will sit up on her butt waiting for her bite of a treat.  Here she is with my first Shih Tzu her Big Brother Gizmo, she would grab hold of his tail and he would pull her around the floors.  To live up to her name she will go over to the toy box and will bark for you to get what she wants to play with. She is very spoiled. She has learned to play hide and seek she will sit with her daddy and wait for you to hide the toy she wants to play with and after you have hid it from her she will chase the house looking for it. It is funny watching her play. Another way to get good excersie on a COLD DAY!”


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