Video of Akiva listening to Dogs Barking in the Video on the Computer

While I was editing video this afternoon I turned the video camera on and set it down pointing at Akiva. This video will be impressive to those of you that have dogs that are dog-dog reactive. And Yes Akiva can hear just fine.  See comments for more details or to respond.

Just click the Play button once it appears:

[ss3_player bucket=”akiva_movies” video=”akiva-during-dog-bark-encod-1.mp4″ player=”vjs” height=”420″ width=”580″ expiry=”600″ autostart=”false” controlbar=”bottom” bufferlength=”10″ image=””]

It was edited, not because he was reacting, but because I left the video camera running for something like 17 minutes. If anyone really wants to watch the entire thing let me know and I’ll upload it all.



Thumbnail image for preview:

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