Dog of the Day for 12/3/2011 — Sophie Marie!

“This is my angel Sophie Marie…we rescued her about 5 years ago…she is our
first Shih Tzu and she is the reason I am in love with the breed. She was in a
puppy mill and does not like men very much, it has taken 5 years for her to kiss
my hubby and let him get close to her…needless to say, she is his heart also.
Two years ago, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given no
more than 2 weeks to live…by the grace of God, she is still with us now. Dr
Chidester, her vet, calls her the miracle dog. This angel has cataracts in both
eyes, one I know she cannot see out of, the other…well she can see but the
vet does not see how…lol…She sings to me, gives me nothing but joy, and is
the total reason I do rescues. So, give your babies a big kiss and thank God
for them knowing we are not promised tomorrow…enjoy them as much as
possible….have a great day!”


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