Akiva Update — 1/20/2012

Akiva is resting quietly now. He had a busy day going to the vet. Many of my wonderful community members offered a ton of support today. The details of the visit are below. Links to the original posts, where you can read all the nice comments were left are included below.

This is my best buddy boy Akiva, he is 8. He started having some trouble limping on his front left paw in the last couple days. We found a small wood splinter in his pad that we thought was the source of the problem, we got it taken out and he seemed a little better and figured he just needed a bit for the spot we removed the splinter from to heal. He is still limping significantly today, so we have a vet appointment at 1:30. Please wish Akiva well at the vet. Thank You, Jamie Dolan — with Akiva.

See photo with all the nice comments that were left for Akiva on facebook (before we left for the vet):

Akiva at the vet;
Follow up note I posted after the vet visit:

Thank You all so much for the love and support. Akiva and I appreciate it so much. Thanks for your patience with my absence and lack of posts today also.
This is me and Akiva at the Vet. Akiva had a very complete exam and we took a number of X-Rays of he legs. The vet also had trouble being able to tell which leg it was that was really causing him trouble. We decided that it was his right leg.
We could not see anything that was broken on the X-rays. His left shoulder joint was a little loose feeling, but we don’t think that is part of this issue. We think it is likely more tendon / joint related in the joint down lower on his right leg. The vet does not believe it is related to a tick borne disease (which can commonly show, even in the winter, with many months after an exposure) but that is a common cause of sudden lameness. The vet also thought his pads looked good and that the spot where we removed the little splinter from looked good as well.
I started Akiva on a NSAID (like Advil) called Metacam that is made for dogs. He also is getting some Tramadol for pain. I’m going to keep him resting and we hope to see some improvement in the next several days.
We stopped by the small local pet store on our way back from the vet and picked up some goodies. Akiva really likes the Salmon treats he got.
Thank You again.
Jamie Dolan & Akiva — with Jamie Dolan and Akiva at Great Lakes Vet Clinic.

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