Dog of The Day for 2/23/2012 – Zane – 3 Years old – “Very Special Dog!”

“Zane is a very special dog, he was born with a birth defect, he has only one eye and he is hair-lipped with a cleft palate. He had to have special care, when he was born he couldn’t nurse from his mother,he had to fed from a bottle from the side of his mouth, I took him to work with me for two weeks and then he was able to eat soft food. He was given to me at 5weeks old. He has started to eat dry dog food now. He loves to carry my socks around when I come home from work and he takes them to bed with him, he sleeps beside me and every morning he will get up and softly walk up to my face to see if I’m awake, if I don’t move he’ll softly go back to his place and lay down. He cries when I leave him to go to work, we record Mickey Mouse and The Flintstones for him to watch. He knows when you spell certain words like OUT, he’ll start barking to go outside and if I spell BIS (short for a bisciut treat) he runs to the cabinet drawer and waits for me. He is such a loving dog he gets up in the recliner and lays his head on my chest for a hug. He lives with 2 black toy poodles Zeke and Zoey, and 2 cat sisters Sadie and Ali. He is very protected of me. We love him and want the best for him.”


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