Dog of the Day for 3/25/2012 — Doillie — Born 3/15/2000

“Dollie was 5 when I met her Daddy, Bill. Her Grama Shayna lived with us too.
Dollie is a very smart, easily teachable little girl.
She always has to be near someone and follow myself and my two adult sons all over the house.
She wants very badly to be able to talk and she tries all the time to talk.
She knows no stranger and will greet anyone that comes in our house, especially the pizza guy. Not much of a watchdog.
If I ask her where one of my sons is, she will turn her head in that direction. She has done that for years.
She is very affectionate with a very sweet disposition.
We lost Bill 7 mos ago and it was very hard on all of us.
Dollie camped out at the front door for 2 weeks with her chin between her front paws. She was very sad, waiting for her Daddy to come home.
Finally my youngest son picked her up and talked to her in language that she could understand and told her that Daddy can’t come home. She seemed to understand him and was actually better and more herself after that.
She knows that she is ok with myself and my two adult sons.
She has become much more affectionate to the 3 of us and has helped us through the last 7 mos.
We love her to pieces and don’t know what we would do without her. Her birthday is tomorrow. She will be 12 yrs old. Happy Birthday Dollie!”





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