Dog of The Day for 4/15/2012 — Rosalie, 3 Yrs old Shih Tzu

“Rosalie is the sweetest little girl. She was my 3rd pure bred female when I got her, so I knew how amazing their temperaments were. Well one day about 2 yrs ago, I was taking her for a walk by the hospital, they have a pond, and ducks and a pen with llamas in them. We were walking by the pond chasing ducks, when all of sudden this little boy ran up, maybe about 8 yrs old. His grandparents were right behind him. He sat down on the ground and rosalie ran right up to him, climbed in his lap and just sat there. His grandparents told me they were sorry that he did that, and told him he needed to go, but he just kept sitting there holding her saying ”Hi dog, hi dog, hi dog” She licked his face while he held her. His grandparents started telling me that he had down syndrome, and that his family dog had recently passed away. I think she knew that maybe that was what he needed. He was squeezing her tight, and she didn’t move, just sat there. She sat in his lap without budging for more than 20 minutes. It made me realize how special these little dogs are, and how just one little thing can brighten someones day. I love her to pieces. She is now a first time mommy to 5 beautiful puppies.”



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