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Dog of The Day for 4/25/2012 –Higgins & Lola (both 3 mos.) — Shih Tzu

“We had to put both of our Shih Tzu’s (Hyatt and Louise) down on Thanksgiving Eve. They would’ve both been 16 this month. They were our babies and it the most painful thing we’ve ever had to do, but they are together and at peace now. I’m attaching a picture of them.
On a much happier note, we have been blessed to have two new babies in our lives now.
We didn’t go LOOKING for babies that looked like our Hyatt and Louise, but fate works in mysterious ways. We now have Higgins and Lola. I’m attaching a couple pictures of them and you will notice the ”resemblence” : ) They are the new loves of our lives!”





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