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Dog of The Day for 5/3/2012 — Iverson 7yrs old. (He’ll be 8 on 2/2/12) — Shih Tzu

Iverson 7yrs old. (He’ll be 8 on 2/2/12) […]

Dog of The Day for 5/2/2012 — Isaac 2 years old – Shih Tzu

“Isaac is our two year old Shihtzu.His father was a ”blue shihtzu” so Isaac has alot of blue in his coat.He was almost all black when we got him. Everytime he gets a grooming we see more and more of the color change.He’s my all the time companion and goes EVERYWHERE I go. Even barks […] […]

Dog of The Day for 5/1/2012 — Molli — Shih Tzu

“Molli is our 1 year old Shihtzu,she is the cutest little thing! Every morning she runs upstairs with me to wake my kids up for school and licks them to death.My husband nicknamed her ”painted paws” because her two front paws look like they were dipped in white paint.” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/30/2012 — Laila –Shih Tzu

“She’s My Baby, She’s crazy about the ball she’ll guard it… Shes adorable, Loving Shih Tzu!!!” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/29/2012 — Mini Mae 4 yrs Old Jan. 1st — Shih Tzu

“This special bundle of joy joined our family on March 19th, 2009. She was a tiny little furball, when we first saw her she was sleeping in her food dish. We had been looking for a puppy to join our family for over a year, we knew that the breed we wanted was a Shih […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/28/2012 — Peluche- 7 years — Shih Tzu

“My dog was adopted on december 24 , 2005. he was the best christmas gift my daughter had receive. He ’s our lovely friend, best company, and indespensable member in our family. He had a ”hit and run” accident a month ago. It was really painful not only for him but for us too. Today, […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/27/2012 — Bucky age 6 — Shih Tzu

“I got bucky at 5 weeks old, he became part of me the moment I first held him, hes with me 24 hours a day, I would bring him to work with me as I was a truckdriver for canada post. He road shotgun in the passenger seat. we lived in the truck 12 hours […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/26/2012 — Ona 17 months DIo 17 months — Shih Tzu

“I love my shih tzu, they are the best in my life,” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/25/2012 –Higgins & Lola (both 3 mos.) — Shih Tzu

“We had to put both of our Shih Tzu’s (Hyatt and Louise) down on Thanksgiving Eve. They would’ve both been 16 this month. They were our babies and it the most painful thing we’ve ever had to do, but they are together and at peace now. I’m attaching a picture of them. On a much happier […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/24/2012 — Sushi, 9 months — Shih Tzu

“Sushi, my sweet baby. very sweet, friendly and cute. She loves to play with stuffed toys and to kiss people.” […]