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Dog of The Day for 4/23/2012 –Max – 8 months — Shih Tzu

“My precious baby boy Max with his first top knot! How cute does he look?” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/22/2012 — Biffidous Regularus 4 yrs old; Tyke Tyke Tiggerson 2 yrs old; Samsonite 9 months old — Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terriers

“I have been a cat person all my adult life. When I was 18 yrs old and not living with my parents I got a dog. My dog had bad habits because I was not a good dog owner being so young. The people I lived with raised game cocks, fighting chickens. My dog would […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/21/2012 — Mickey — Shih Tzu

“Mickey is a good boy. he love playing has lots of toys. loves to ride in the car . very loving . we love him he will be 5 july the 31st.” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/20/2012 — Ozzy – Age 2 — Miniature Schnauzer

“Ozzy is a 2yr old miniature Schnauzer, he is the best dog we have ever owned. He bounces around the house like a ball and is always pinching socks and shoes” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/19/2012 — Snow age 15 — Mixed Breed

“Snow is older dog with a puppy heart. She likes the dog park, and sleeping with her humans. She likes to dress up, she has sweaters and coats. She is very fussy about what leashes we walk her with, they have to be very thin and light. She is very friendly and is good with […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/18/2012 — Precious, 8 years old — Terrier Mix

“Precious was the runt of the litter her mom wouldnt feed her so I had to take care of her and feed her when she was just weeks old. She has a deformed front paw but that doesn`t stop her from running and playing she just simply hops around she is my little bunny lol. […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/18/2012 — Sanne and suzy 6 and 4 month old Shih Tzu

“first winter for suzy, and second snow for sanne love my doggies! they are great friends with a funny way of loving us back” […]

Dog of The Day for 4/17/2012 — Baron — Shih Tzu

“The love of my life..I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he is now 11 years now. He is my world. He has the most darling personality, always happy, the tail never stops wagging and has the cutest little face. I think about him 24/7 and hate leaving him so I try […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/16/2012 — Roxy age 4 — Yorkie Terrie

“well roxy is my friend and i love her so much me and her has been through alot when i got put in the hospital for 2 weeks my husband said she stayed at the door crying where ever i am she is at to me she is the dog of everday i love you […] […]

Dog of The Day for 4/15/2012 — Rosalie, 3 Yrs old Shih Tzu

“Rosalie is the sweetest little girl. She was my 3rd pure bred female when I got her, so I knew how amazing their temperaments were. Well one day about 2 yrs ago, I was taking her for a walk by the hospital, they have a pond, and ducks and a pen with llamas in them. […] […]